Meet our partners

We partner with leading service providers from different industries. A selection is included below.

eCommerce Nurse

eCommerce Nurse provides Amazon retail consulting for vendors and sellers in Europe and North America. As a team of ex Amazonians and Amazon experts, the company tailors itsr services to your experience, needs and budget. Services include vendor management, seller support, ads management, copywriting, site merchandising and marketing.


As specialists in the areas of consulting and digital accounting, TAXFBA supports Amazon sellers participating in the PAN-EU and EFN program with international taxation expertise, providing specific interfaces in order to correctly display orders, integrating multiple sales channels and illustrating all revenue transparently.

LeeLine Sourcing

"With 10+ years of experience in sourcing from China, LeelineSourcing offers a one-stop service for sourcing high-quality products at a best possible cost via a completely transparent process. Services include product procurement, brand labeling, quality inspection, packaging services, product photography and shipments to FBA warehouses."


As a trusted partner for online merchants worldwide, eComEngine educates sellers about Amazon policies, best practices, and sales strategies. Products include FeedbackFive (helping merchants all over the world to manage their Amazon seller reputation, request seller feedback, etc.) and RestockPro (an FBA inventory management tool, which allows sellers to forecast demand, create bundles and manage local inventory).


As the largest e-commerce association in Europe, Händlerbund is the service network for digital and stationary trade. As a legal services provider and publisher, the company provides legal support in online trading, and offers news & analysis on current industry events.