How Hans Boodt Mannequins saves hundreds on each incoming container with Shypple


Hans Boodt Mannequins has turned traditional display window figures into a high art form all of its own. Their custom-made mannequins are now high in demand among some of the biggest names in the fashion world, from Viktor & Rolf to Ralph Lauren. The company’s design studio in the Netherlands resembles a fashion designer’s atelier. Here, a team of designers and IT wizards use 3D printing technologies to design and develop tailor-made mannequins for their clients.
“What Shypple offers is always clear and user-friendly,”

With their original 3D printing solutions, Hans Boodt Mannequins has radically changed their industry. Just a few years ago, the design process took weeks to complete. Using their high-tech rendering software and 3D printers, the company can now create all-new prototypes in just days. Each Hans Boodt mannequin is the product of 40 years of design expertise along with cutting- edge technologies— and a global supply chain.

Once a 3D-printed prototype is completely refined to meet their clients’ high standards, Hans Boodt Mannequins is ready to begin batch production in China. They also work with a partner in Brazil to create unique models out of sustainable materials like paper-mâché and recycled plastics. It’s up to their team of Transport Coordinators to oversee shipping from the production sites to the company’s warehouse in the Netherlands. This team of coordinators trusts Shypple to help organize the shipping process and get the best prices on each incoming container.

An automated shipping solution

As a producer that sells and ships its products directly to customers, Hans Boodt Mannequins needed a solution that would give them complete control over their shipments. In the past, when a container was ready for shipping, it was handed over to a third-party shipping partner. Tracking and tracing the shipments is a top priority, but Hans Boodt Mannequins says it was often difficult to maintain full transparency in the shipping process before they started working with Shypple.

Hans Boodt Mannequins works closely with a trusted local forwarder in China because they needs to ensure full support and a smooth process for their factory there, which is essential to their company’s business. The forwarder helps with customs documents and liaises between Hans Boodt Mannequins and the production site in China. Hans Boodt Mannequins chose Shypple because they wanted to build on their company’s strong relationship with their forwarder while also creating a more automated process for working with them.

Saving 350 dollars on each incoming container

As transport professionals with years of experience in the industry, the Hans Boodt Mannequins transport team says to be very impressed with how easy it is to use the Shypple web platform.

“What Shypple offers is always clear and user-friendly,”

They are particularly happy with the notifications and automatic emails they receive from the platform, keeping them fully up to date on shipping dates, ETAs and other important information about incoming containers.

Hans Boodt says Shypple makes it even easier to communicate with their local forwarder. Having a single, centralised chat for each shipment is extremely beneficial, because it ensures full transparency and makes sure everyone is on the same page.

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