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Shypple reshapes your supply chain
into a predictable logistic powerhouse

With Shypple you can easily book containers yourself, have the rates immediately available and manage all your shipments in one clear overview.

Do you ship more than 100 containers a year? Shypple saves you a lot of time.

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Do you want to immediately share the latest updates about your shipments with all stakeholders?

It is nearly impossible to achieve that efficiently if all your information is trapped in emails and spreadsheets.

For example:

Shypple customers save tens of thousands of euros per year on freight costs through smarter demurrage and detention planning.

Does your shipping planning depend on countless spreadsheets? Or perhaps many email rules created in Outlook?

We have been there too! Yet, we still did not feel that we had sufficient control and insight into our logistics. This is exactly why we built Shypple and why customers are making the switch!

Collaborate with every stakeholder
in your logistics chain.

Easily collaborate with all your supply-chain stakeholders in Shypple, all key parties are always up to date on the latest status of your shipments, ensuring more control and optimization. Organize and oversee your entire supply-chain in one centralized platform.

Order management

Plan and manage all your cargo lines within a container, including its pick-up and delivery schedule.

Spend your time meaningful

Planning via emails and spreadsheets not only results in loss of information but also takes up too much time. Shypple customers save more than a day per week due to optimization provided by the platform.

What we are really proud ofCustomers can easily collaborate and work together with all stakeholders in the logistics chain worldwide on our platform.

What can you do with the time saved when 95% of the emails around shipments disappears?

Shypple, on average, saves you a day per week managing shipments.

Book yourself, immediately have a price indication no more waiting for answers, immediately see where your container is and when it will arrive. It all results in optimization of your processes. You will see that a lot of time is left for other important things.

12 hours less time spent managing shipments

"With Shypple I manage the many shipments we do for all Royal Textile brands. Our competitors have a whole logistics team, while I am able to do everything myself. Then when I tell people  I also do all purchasing, they immediately ask "where do you find the time?" Shypple!"

Nancy Hoekstra, Supply Chain Manager, Royal Textile

"Shypple gives all our departments a good insight into expectations. Shypple also supports us in internal communication. The warehouse knows when they can expect which container, our purchasing department knows exactly when to book the container and our sales department does not need anyone more bother with questions, because they can also see when they can schedule delivery to their customers."

Inge Egas, Transport coordinator, Hans Boodt Mannequins

Shypple in a nutshell

A dashboard with an overview of all your shipments and outstanding tasks.

Know exactly where your shipment is now, and get everyone into action as soon as it arrives at its destination.

No more waiting until you have rates for your shipments. See and book immediately!

You can easily switch forwarders, we offer extensive training for all customers.

Shypple integrates with your systems via the Shypple API.

A team of operational experts is ready to answer all your questions quickly via the Shypple chat.

Want to book, view prices immediately and manage your inventory tightly?

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