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Digital forwarding for modern logistics teams
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Shypple receives €1.7 MLN investment to further ease logistics of world trade

BOM and August Ventures invest in Shypple. Fonq-founder steps in as advisor.

Dutch importing and exporting companies often need to find ways to cope with a lack of ease and insights in the booking, planning and management of ocean freight. Tackling these problems is the focus of the Rotterdam-based start-up Shypple. The digital forwarder receives 1.7 million euro in a second round of funding from the Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM), August Ventures and private investors. The funding will be used to further improve the product and simplify freight shipping.

Treatwell- and founder Laurens Groenendijk (co-founder, CMO at Hiber) and Fonq founder Patrick Kerssemakers are investing in Shypple via August Ventures. Kerssemakers will become an advisor at Shypple. The startup is active in the retail, E-commerce and wholesale segment. Shypple is planning to make its online platform suitable for air cargo as well.

"Shypple solves an issue that many importers and exporters will recognise: non-transparent costs and a transport process that offers little visibility are often present within the ocean freight market. Shypple solves that problem with a smart solution that reminds me of the ease of”, Patrick Kerssemakers stated.

A large part of the costs of shipping goods is related to the processing and communication between different parties. That is why Shypple aims to eliminate paperwork and unnecessary costs which are caused by the communication and documentation in ocean freight. The start-up directly provides the most efficient routes and best prices via a user-friendly web application. The dashboard shows the live statuses of all shipments. In addition, Shypple offers shippers a variety of booking, planning and communications capabilities. According to the start-up, this leads to more certainty over costs and ensures more grip over the process of shipping freight. Shypple currently connects more than 800 ports worldwide.

New communications tool

"We were founded two years ago and during this period we have grown from three to twenty-five employees. Monthly we hire two to three new employees. I explain our rapid growth due to the increasing demand of companies that are looking to make their supply chains transparent. This makes shipping freight no longer a "black box", Jarell Habets(26), founder of Shypple stated.

One of the new features of Shypple is a communication tool that is reminiscent of the popular Slack application. Jarell Habets; "we get a lot of positive responses here. The feature enables faster and better mutual cooperation per shipment. Sometimes there are up to eight people involved with one shipment. From the purchasing manager, to the logistics-manager and a storage employee. Now there is a way they can finally communicate efficiently with each other."

About Shypple

Shypple was founded to make the ocean and eventually air freight market transparent. The goal is to make world trade accessible to more people than ever before. Shypple is founded in 2016 by Jarell Habets. Shypple went live publicly at the start of 2017 and currently has 25 employees. Every month, two to three job openings are filled within the company.

About the BOM

The BOM (Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij) focuses on building a strong, sustainable and future-proof economy for Brabant together with entrepreneurs. The BO shares knowledge and networks and provides capital to innovative Brabant-based enterprises and sustainable energy projects. Additionally, The BOM stimulates innovative foreign companies to settle in Brabant and it helps companies with their expansion abroad.

About August Ventures

August Ventures is a Venture Capital firm 2.0, founded by founders of successful companies such as Treatwell, Just-Eat and Available. August Ventures has done seven investments since its founding in 2017. It focuses on direct investments in tech-related companies currently in their growth phase, companies that are looking for active guidance besides funding. The firm also focuses on new initiatives of successful entrepreneurs who have proven them self in the past.