Why Shypple

Our vision

Improving the way the world trades

Shypple empowers you to optimize your supply chain. We make it easier than ever for you to access and manage global transport. When you work with us, you benefit from a fully transparent, user-friendly booking process for all your shipping needs. Thanks to our technological expertise, industry experience and commitment to collaboration, we deliver innovation, confidence and transparency across the supply chain.
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Our unique online platform gives you full control and oversight over your logistics, every step of the way. There’s no more need for time-consuming phone calls, email exchanges and spreadsheets. Our streamlined process brings your global shipping into the 21st century, improving your efficiency and eliminating uncertainty.
“Shypple gives you a full, transparent record at every step of the process"
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How we empower you to trade better

Improving operational FTE efficiency with standardized, automated and visualized ways of working for every team and user.
Streamlining SKU-level management with automated planning and collaboration on POs to assess and improve load percentages.
Optimizing lead time by assessing the causes of delays and identifying potential improvements for every stakeholder, every step of the way.

Stay on course with Shypple

Improving suppliers’ KPI performance based on automated SLAs, requesting and monitoring input, impact and causality with regard to costs and lead times.
99% less email communication, because our platform serves as a single, centralized source of communication and information for all stakeholders.
Reduced demurrage and detention costs thanks to automated notifications to the right person at the exact moment these costs occur.

Our service

Allies in trade

Dedicated forwarders for each modality, from start to finish.

At Shypple, technology is the driving force behind our people and the service we deliver to you. Our dedicated forwarders understand your business and know how to optimize your supply chain, every step of the way. We give our people the right tools, so they can offer you straightforward, proactive workflows and communication.
Logistics is a bit like the whisper game we played as children. At each step of the supply chain, there’s a risk that communication might break down and something will go wrong. Critical KPIs might be overlooked, as stakeholders lack the necessary insights, tools and workflows to drive continuous improvement. Our solution eliminates the need for lengthy email exchanges, phone calls and manual data entry. We minimize the risk of error so that you can be sure there’s no miscommunication.

Technological empowerment

Combining our industry experience with our technological capabilities, we add value at every step of the trading process. Our solutions enable you to trade with clarity, certainty and confidence. We make service and performance tangible and measurable so we can help you drive continuous improvement.
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