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How Shypple offers We R Asia a high-tech solution with a human touch

July 2, 2021
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We R Asia knows the Asian production industry better than practically anyone. Since 2007, the company has been helping European companies in many different sectors to find the right mix of local outsourcing partners for their production in China, Vietnam and, more recently, India. They connect their clients with carefully selected, sustainable production partners and guarantee a smooth outsourcing process, from production to importing.

Jasper Delisse, founding partner and owner of We R Asia, understands how important it is to maintain smooth communications between Europe and Asia during production and shipping. That’s why his company maintains its own local workforce on the ground in Asia. Every two to three weeks, We R Asia ships a container from Asia filled with products destined for multiple clients of theirs. Jasper says that working with Shypple has given his company the flexibility they need to deliver on their promise to their clients. And he’s particularly impressed with Shypple’s ideal combination of a high-tech platform and proactive service.

Keeping everyone on the same page

Before We R Asia began working with Shypple, Jasper says it was an ongoing hassle to maintain a clear overview of information related to their shipments. If a colleague in charge of a shipment was ever out of office or on holiday, then the only way for Jasper to track a shipment or find the information he needed would be to scroll through page after page of email threads. It was a time-consuming, nerve-wracking process.

Jasper was interested in finding a centralised platform for keeping track of all his company’s incoming containers from Asia. In short, he wanted a tool that could keep everyone at We R Asia on the same page with every shipment. Yet because We R Asia ships mixed containers, which hold merchandise bound for multiple different customers, the solution would also have to be flexible and smart enough to work with this model. One day while listening to one of his favourite business podcasts, BNR Zakendoen, he heard an interview with Shypple CEO Jarell Habets. After that, he was interested in finding out more about the platform and what it might be able to offer We R Asia.

High-tech with a human touch

After more than a year of using Shypple, Jasper says he has absolutely no regrets. The centralised online platform gives him and his team a crystal-clear overview of all their shipments. For each shipment, he and his colleagues can instantly access all the relevant information and documentation, along with the latest status updates, ETAs and any other notifications. There’s no more time wasted flipping through emails to try to find relevant details when they need them. Now, everyone is on the same page at all times.

Not only does Shypple give We R Asia the high-tech platform it needs to manage its containers, Jasper says it provides something much more valuable: proactive, personalised service. With the shipping industry still in the early stages of digitalisation, Jasper knows that it often takes human contact to make sure everything runs smoothly. This is what sets Shypple apart from other partners, in his experience. “Shypple is the perfect combination of people and technology,” he says. “The platform does what it’s designed to do, and the people at Shypple are experts at what they do. They go the extra mile to help us anytime we need.”

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