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Breaking barriers across your supply chain

Reduce your total cost of ownership with real-time visibility, collaboration, and automation tools for your supply chain.
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Data-driven insights


Search & book

Book in seconds, not hours

Select the terms you need, and get transparent prices and instant quotes. Smooth operations.
Direct communication

Connect with your logistics network on one platform

Say goodbye to endless mailstrings and start communicating in one central place. Our collaboration platform connects networks and integrates data flows to enable transparent, efficient global trade.
Timeline & Tracking

See every step of the way

No more manual follow-ups, but automated real-time updates instead. Receive clear, well-structured updates and be confident in your decision-making.

So we've constructed shipment timelines that:
  • Provide an overview of important milestones and tasks.
  • Show exactly what phase a shipment is in.
  • Clearly display the most relevant information in one place.

Book recurring shipments in one fell swoop

Avoid filling in the same information over and over again and book your recurring shipments in an easy, efficient and fast way.
Monitor your demurrage and detention

Get insights into your demurrage and detention

Monitor your free days for the Ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, and take action before your shipment gets too close to extra fees.
Don’t worry, ship happy

That's smooth sailing

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