Our sustainability solutions

To ensure a cleaner future for the global shipping industry in the 21st century, Shypple has developed sustainable solutions and partnered with environmentally conscious organizations. We invite our customers to join our mission to reduce the carbon footprint and minimize the long-term environmental impact of shipping.

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Offset carbon

Shypple partners with ForestNation, a reforestation program that plants trees in the Usambara region of Tanzania to offset carbon emissions. We currently plant trees to offset all our emissions. The emissions even include the ones caused by our employees who commute. We do this the Shypple way: We plant 10x more trees to compensate even faster. We also enable our customers to plant their own carbon offset forests with ForestNation.

As we plant more trees we mitigate some of the negative impact of deforestation. As it's hard to eliminate this on our own, we would love to try to come together as a team to help drive change. Trees capture atmospheric carbon dioxide and reduce the environmental impact of CO2 emissions. As we plant trees, we and our customers not only compensate for our  emissions, we also support the local economy and provide job opportunities and social security for the people of the Usambara region.

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