How Shypple enables TRALERT® to be flexible and quick in their supply chain

July 12, 2023
3 minutes
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TRALERT®, the leading supplier of LED lighting for vehicles, has been successfully collaborating with Shypple for three years to optimize their supply chain. Gerco Schiltmans, the operational manager of TRALERT® with seven years of logistics experience, shares his insights about the partnership.

At TRALERT®, everything revolves around speed and expertise in LED lighting. They strive to be the best partner for companies seeking quick solutions in customized LED lights. As industry experts, they stay updated with the latest developments, allowing them to quickly adapt to regulatory changes. When new regulations were recently introduced for license plate and automotive lighting in Belgium, TRALERT® was quick to assist excavator manufacturers in meeting these requirements by providing suitable LED solutions.

Always up to date and up to speed

TRALERT® has seamlessly integrated the Shypple platform into their everyday operations, making it an essential and invaluable tool. He quickly checks it in the morning and monitors it throughout the day, enabling him to track shipment statuses and anticipate potential challenges. The Shypple platform provides an overview of all shipments, from ‘in transit’ to ‘delivered’. This allows TRALERT® to focus on their core business, knowing that they are always aware of the latest developments.

"You can see everything neatly organized and accessible, such as how container prices have evolved over time. You don't have to do that research yourself; it is easily provided in the Shypple platform."

Before Shypple, TRALERT® frustratingly experienced delays when communicating with other parties in their supply chain. They had to send emails and make follow-up calls to obtain information about rates and expected delivery times, consuming valuable time. Additionally, documents would occasionally get lost in the process. Since partnering with Shypple, these issues are a thing of the past.

"We have definitely saved time with Shypple. Instead of sending five or six emails to track the whereabouts of a shipment, we can instantly check it on the platform. That easily saves us an entire day."

The Shypple platform accelerated TRALERT's agility in decision making. The overview of shipments, including notifications of ETA updates, enables TRALERT® to plan efficiently and respond to unexpected changes.

Trucking light

Why TRALERT® chose Shypple: Efficiency and reliability

TRALERT® chose Shypple after a thorough comparison with other freight forwarders in the market. They were convinced by the responsiveness and excellent service they received through the chat feature.

"The response time is significantly shorter. With other parties, it would take 2 to 3 days, and I would still need to follow up with emails. With Shypple, you get the complete package of costs and delivery dates within a day."

Shypple has not only provided time savings for TRALERT® but also instilled a sense of teamwork and reliability. The Shypple team promptly responds to questions and supports TRALERT® in optimizing their supply chain. They feel heard and valued, which is essential for a successful partnership.

Partners in swift solutions

TRALERT® is confident that Shypple will continue to help them grow. With Shypple as their partner, TRALERT® can focus on what they do best: delivering high-quality LED lighting and providing fast, customized solutions to their customers. With a joint focus on speed, service, and expertise, TRALERT®, together with Shypple, can optimize their supply chain and excel in their field.

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