Milestone Guatemala and Shypple: An interview with Flor de Maria Miralles

July 27, 2023
3 minutes
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A powerful partnership in logistics

Efficient movement of goods across borders is essential for businesses of all sizes in today's globalized economy. Shypple and Milestone Guatemala have emerged as key players in the logistics industry since their partnership in 2021. While originating from different parts of the world, these organizations share a common goal: to simplify and streamline international freight forwarding processes, revolutionizing the way goods are transported and managed.

Milestone Guatemala, led by Director Flor de Maria Miralles, has steadily made its mark in the industry since its establishment in 2017. Flor, drawing upon her extensive experience of over 35 years in the logistics sector, has cultivated a robust network and deep understanding of the field. Her previous roles at prominent shipping companies such as Concorde Line and Likes Line (now Hapag-Lloyd) have equipped her with invaluable expertise and insights. As the director of Milestone Guatemala, Flor takes charge of the commercial aspects, leveraging her wealth of knowledge to drive the company forward.

A perfect fit

"The partnership looks really nice. It's perfect," expressed Flor, emphasizing the numerous advantages it brings to their operations. The ability to offer warehouse services in the Netherlands to their customers is a significant benefit. With everything in good hands, Milestone Guatemala gains substantial leverage in meeting their customers' needs.

Shypple's platform enables Milestone Guatemala to effortlessly upload documents and track shipments in real-time, fostering seamless collaboration with colleagues in the Netherlands. Flor highlighted the outstanding agency support provided by Shypple's platform, which centralizes essential information, eliminates excessive emails, and delivers real-time notifications.

The combination of industry expertise and innovative technology sets new standards in the fresh goods transportation, benefiting both the company and its customers worldwide.

Maintaining effective communication

The platform plays a significant role in facilitating seamless communication, particularly when dealing with time differences. It acts as an "always open" channel, ensuring that documents and information are readily available without any waiting time. Unlike the traditional process where customers in Guatemala had to wait until their counterparts in the Netherlands woke up, the platform eliminates such delays. With the platform, everything is prepared and accessible at all times.

The benefit of being present where it happens

Flor acknowledges the value of having a local presence for customers. It brings a sense of assurance and recognition, as her experience in the industry becomes evident. She can provide valuable insights and tips to customers, drawing from her knowledge of carrier behaviors and the range of services available. This enables her to extend personalized services to customers, offering them multiple alternatives for shipping their cargo. Flor's wide knowledge is invaluable in guiding consumers through the process, especially since customers may be unaware of all available options.

"Sometimes, the customer may not be aware of all the services offered by the carriers, or they may not even know that the carriers exist. Therefore, the range of options that you can provide to them is greater."

Faster transit times and direct services smoothen the industry

The logistics landscape in Guatemala has witnessed significant changes over the years. With carriers merging, the services have become more streamlined, allowing for faster and more efficient transit times. Currently, the fastest transit time to Rotterdam stands at an impressive 13 days. This service was once challenging to achieve.

In the past, shipments had to go through the United States before reaching Europe or the Middle East and Far East. However, thanks to advancements in the industry, direct services are now available. 

Flor recognizes the growing demand for comprehensive support in the logistics industry. Customers are seeking integrated solutions that encompass brokerage, transportation, sea freight, air freight, and destination services. Because of this trend, it's more important than ever to have good relationships with the biggest transportation companies in Guatemala.

Through these partnerships, Flor enjoys priority treatment, eliminating unnecessary wait times for truck pickups. This streamlined process ensures prompt and efficient handling of shipments. Additionally, Milestone Guatemala's capability to secure dedicated space with carriers guarantees that customers' specific needs are met with speed and reliability.

The importance of continuing this partnership for an extended period cannot be overstated. Both Milestone Guatemala and Shypple understand that by aligning their goals and working together, they can create lasting positive impacts in the world of transportation. Their shared commitment to innovation and service excellence sets the stage for even greater advancements in the future.

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