Shypple is an all-in-one digital freight forwarder

Our mission: to simplify global trade through a user-friendly platform that connects all supply chain partners.

In other words, we ship it real good.

Simplify shipping

How Shypple makes your logistics hassle-free
Click & Ship
Shypple makes international sea and air freight easy, fast, and transparent using our digital platform.
Secure and dependable shipping
Shypple only works with reputable carriers to ensure that your goods arrive safely and on time.
Save up on shipping costs
Shypple offers competitive rates and negotiates on your behalf with carriers to provide you with the best price.
Personal support from experts
Shypple has a team of experienced professionals who will assist you at every step of the shipping process, from booking to delivery.
Environmentally conscious shipping
Shypple is committed to reducing the environmental impact of shipping by partnering with carriers who prioritize sustainability and offering carbon-neutral options.
Real-time tracking and updates
Shypple provides customers with full visibility into their shipments, including real-time tracking and updates, so you always know where your goods are and when they will arrive.

“I've always had an entrepreneurial drive. During my internship at a freight forwarding office in 2015, I witnessed how this traditional industry had lagged behind in modernization. It saw a significant gap in the market and I was convinced it could and should be revolutionized – made more modern and digital. There's nothing more exhilarating than knowing you can make an impact in a €350 billion industry.”

Jarell Habets
Founder & CEO

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We combine personal care, a proactive approach, centralized visibility and the comprehensive power of having everything available on one platform

So we can ensure full control at every step of the supply chain.

for our response time to requests.
for our proactivity in managing shipments.
for the reliability of our services.

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Transforming the industry

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Guido Stam
Operations Coördinator
"Working at Shypple challenges me to do my best for every customer and the Shypple platform is the perfect working tool for this."
Michelle Pienaar
Operations Coordinator
"Freight can be a nerve-racking, especially within cross-trades and specialized cargoes. Working at Shypple has truly in given me a "platform" to develop myself in this field. From industry experts as colleagues, to our innovative system. It has allowed me more efficient performance and directed focus. Freight is no longer fraught with unpredictability."
Britt Dieleman
Product owner
“Shypple’s dynamic, open and fast-paced environment help me to grow professionally very quickly. For me it is the place where innovative technology meets operational excellence, a very refreshing mix of cultures.”
Sabine van Vloten
Growth marketer
"Shypple is the most enjoyable combination of technology and logistics. I have fantastic colleagues, and I go to work with enthusiasm every day."
Omar Moghani
VP of Fresh
"The fresh market offers a delightful variety, making it both enjoyable and demanding. I take great pleasure in engaging with our customers and feel entirely at ease at Shypple when it comes to mingling with my colleagues."
Lesley van de Water
Account Executive
“Every day at Shypple is unique. One day, I'm working with a customer who ships garden furniture, and the next, it's a customer shipping melons. I find joy in this diversity.”
Alexander Verheyen
Account Executive Belgium
"Being part of the Shypple team as an Account Executive is truly unique. It provides an opportunity to collaborate with new clients, assess their supply chain operations, and assist them in their journey towards digitalization and expansion through our platform."
Shyppler employees working across Europe, Asia and South America.
Different nationalities collaborating seamlessly together.
Office locations worldwide to serve global shipping and logistics needs.

"Ask our employees what they appreciate about Shypple, and they often mention the absence of ego. I'm open to arguments and love it when someone else has a better idea. I'm the first to say, 'Great, you see it better than I do; let's do it.' I believe in a laissez-faire approach. I have great trust in others and delegate a lot of responsibility.

In my view, 'not being able to let go' is a bottleneck. Many SMEs often remain at the same level because 'the person in charge' limits growth. If you believe you can do everything better yourself, you hinder growth. I don't want to be that limiting factor. So, you need people who can do things better than you can."

Jarell Habets
Founder & CEO

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