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April 12, 2023
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The Alarming Rise of Cargo Theft Targeting Food, Beverages, Automotive Parts, and More

Cargo Theft Types

Cargo theft has been an ongoing issue in the freight industry, with criminals targeting essential goods such as food and beverages, automotive and truck components, and fuel. While the 2022 Cargo Theft Report by BSI, TT Club, and TAPA EMEA shows a decrease in cargo theft incidents worldwide, it also notes a consistent rise in criminals targeting essential goods, largely attributed to the macroeconomic influence of inflation and its impact on criminal behavior.

As the first digital freight forwarder in refrigerated goods, Shypple emphasizes the importance of checking and protecting cargo during transit. We believe that it is crucial for organizations to take proactive measures to safeguard their cargo against potential theft.

Top Commodities Stolen

The report also outlines the trends that shaped supply chains in 2022 and offers recommendations for organizations to mitigate these threats in order to anticipate emerging risks in 2023. This is an important step, but we believe it is equally important for organizations to take a proactive approach by implementing security measures to prevent cargo theft from happening in the first place.

South Africa is a particularly concerning area for cargo theft incidents, with attacks occurring across all nine provinces. Truck hijackings are prevalent, with criminals often impersonating police or traffic officers to stop cargo vehicles and carry out their crimes. Successful attacks on supply chains can yield significant financial gains in the country's most impoverished areas.

While the report provides valuable insights, we believe that organizations must also take proactive measures to protect their cargo. This may include implementing secure transportation methods, using advanced security technology, or hiring trained security personnel.

Top Countries for Cargo Theft

At Shypple, we offer our clients real-time visibility into their cargo, which allows them to track their shipments and detect any potential anomalies in the transportation process. We currently offer our export customers a real-time sensor (when connected to 4G). This way, shippers don’t have to lose sight of their cargo once it leaves the warehouse. 

We also provide advanced security measures to protect our clients' cargo during transit, such as secure warehouse facilities and temperature-controlled transportation options. In Guatemala and Costa Rica, multiple trackers are fitted into high-risk shipments to keep track of not only the goods but also the truck and the driver. When one of the trackers doesn't line up with the others, the location is checked by a security team. 

In conclusion, while the cargo theft trends highlighted in the 2022 Cargo Theft Report are concerning, organizations must take proactive measures to prevent cargo theft from happening in the first place. At Shypple, we are committed to providing our clients with the necessary tools and resources to safeguard their cargo during transit.

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