Take control of your supply chain

Shypple for exporters

Shypple provides you with a single visualized, shared workflow, from the moment shipment quotes or bookings are requested until your customer receives their delivery.

With our digitized workflows for your logistics and sales teams, you have the power to create scalable processes that add value for your organization and your customers. You get the flexibility and speed that you need within your organization, along with the added value that your customers expect.
Streamline your entire export process

Search and book

You save time with our search & book tool for CIF/CFR (air or ocean) shipments.

Check prices

Your sales team can immediately check prices or request DAP/DDP shipment costs.

Receive updates

Automated email status updates and open task lists help you maintain a full overview.

Full visibility

Always know where your shipment is. We provide full visibility, every step of the way.
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We leverage your data to minimize errors, reduce charges and eliminate manual data entry.

Export with confidence

From placement of a purchase order to delivery into your warehouse, Shypple’s transparent, centralized platform ensures better communication and efficient collaboration between all parties.

Quoting & rate management

Instant costs and easier requests minimize email traffic

Our fixed rate page gives you full rate visibility for all CIF/CFR shipments.
Avoid errors and enjoy greater transparency thanks to standardized and all-in cost items for any service you require or request.
Let your sales team request and accept DAP/DDP quotes. Shypple automates the handover to your logistics team afterwards.


Book in seconds or let your suppliers do it, online or offline.

Use Shypple’s contract rates or your own negotiated rates to instantly book ocean, air or rail shipments.
Digitized, automated procedures for each new booking ensure consistent workflows for each user, trade lane or client.
Everything is combined into a single visual workflow for each shipment between your teams and ours.


Seamless multi-modal planning cuts down on extra charges

Your warehouse receives specific notifications about upcoming shipments and ones that still need planning.
Complete control over the modality, dates and timeslots.
You have a full overview of availability for deliveries and DM/DT days.

Customs clearance

Increased visibility prevents errors

Input availability for HS codes.
Any status change in your customs clearance appear in the app.
You can use approvals to pre-check and accept expected import duties at the destination.


Automated real-time updates instead of manual status checks

If your booking is confirmed, loading, in- transit, arriving and delivered an automated update appears in the application.
Real-time email notifications to your team about ETA changes.
Provide visibility to clients and other third parties by sharing track and trace links.


Say goodbye to email threads and start collaborating

Chat directly between your team and ours, and even with suppliers.
Any stakeholder involved in the shipment (supplier, origin agent, your team, our team) can upload and download documents.
Prior to an arrival, you receive a pre-alert, including an indication of the expected duties, and you can pre-select preferred delivery dates and times.


Know when your cargo has arrived at its destination

If you’re using CIF/CFR, status updates provide you with full clarity and certainty that your cargo has arrived at the port of discharge.
If you’re using DAP, status updates can be extended up until delivery.
Your customers can be automatically informed of an arrival if they are added to the booking.

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