How Checkpoint transformed their supply chain with Shypple

January 19, 2024
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Navigating a valuable product through a global supply chain

Jeroen Voerknecht, responsible for the RFID supply chain at Checkpoint, has been an integral part of the company since 2011. Transitioning from customer services to the operational side in 2018, Jeroen oversees the RFID supply chain for the Apparel Labeling Solutions division, specializing in creating price tags for European apparel retailers. Working with an international team, Jeroen navigates the complexities of the supply chain, emphasizing the importance of delivering the right products to the right locations at the right time.

In a challenging market, Jeroen manages the intricate distribution of products, delving into consumption patterns and chip distribution to different locations, weaving a network spanning Bangladesh, India, China, and Turkey. Checkpoint's ambitious goals involve expanding RFID technology, offering a comprehensive solution to retailers worldwide.

"What I love most about my job is the variety and working with the entire international team to get everything done."

Checkpoint excels in RFID labeling, a process that involves attaching electronic tags to items for wireless identification and tracking.

The need for a new type of freight forwarding

Jeroen's journey with Shypple began when dissatisfaction with their existing freight forwarder reached a tipping point. The struggle for information and the delay in obtaining crucial details during sea and air freight shipments led to a significant loss of time. The retirement of an employee managing incoming shipments prompted Jeroen to explore alternatives.

Enter Shypple. After seeing the platform, Jeroen decided to give it a try. The platform provided exceptional insights into shipments, transforming the way Checkpoint approached logistics. The transparency of steps, the ability to choose between direct and indirect sailings, and the platform's overall user-friendliness marked a significant leap forward. 

"It used to be such a struggle to get the right information. For sea freight, we provided documents weeks in advance, only to face requests for the same paperwork when the shipment reached the port of Rotterdam."

Jeroen also commends the Shypple team, particularly Robbie Liao (air freight) and Ted Peters (sea freight), for their proactive and efficient support, underscoring the stark difference in partnership compared to the past. The majority of Checkpoint's shipments involve sea freight, but in 2022, a substantial portion shifted to air freight, showcasing the flexibility and adaptability of Shypple. 

"Before Shypple, air freight details only became visible to our team in the Netherlands just as the plane was about to land. Thanks to the platform, we now have all the information in one place, saving our warehouse staff a considerable amount of time. The proactive approach of Shypple stands in stark contrast to our experiences with past partners."

Shorter supply chains and efficiency gains

Shypple's platform not only provided visibility but also significantly reduced the time spent on tracking and managing shipments.

"The speed and visibility make the biggest difference in how we used to handle our logistics challenges. Now, it requires minimal effort, and we receive updates through chat and standard ETA changes."

Shypple's impact goes beyond efficiency gains. Checkpoint, connected to the world's largest label manufacturer, CCL Label, emphasizes the importance of making carbon footprints visible and reducing them.

"Now, with the help of the Shypple platform, I've analyzed the cost and emission savings associated with shortening some supply chains and localizing production. The insights provided have been invaluable."

Shypple provided a solution not only for gaining insights into the environmental impact of their transport activities but also for offsetting emissions. To date, Checkpoint has planted more than 39,000 trees in Tanzania. Explore their forest here

In conclusion, Jeroen's partnership with Shypple not only streamlined the supply chain but also showcased the transformative impact of innovation within the somewhat traditional logistics sector. As Checkpoint continues to evolve its approach to supply chain management, Shypple remains a trusted partner, providing the tools and insights necessary for success in an ever-changing market.

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