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How Shypple enables All Sport Group to save 45 minutes a day

July 12, 2023
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Minutes saved of work each day

All Sport Group, the leading Belgian distributor of sports brands like Speedo, Nike, and Sneaker Lab, has achieved significant time savings and efficiency in their logistics processes thanks to Shypple. Inge Houtmeyers, Supply Chain Manager at All Sport Group, has been working with Shypple since October 2022.

Before joining All Sport Group and using Shypple, Inge worked as a Supply Chain Manager in the pharmaceutical industry. Her logistics work there mainly relied on phone calls and emails with various shipping agents. The lack of a consolidated online platform resulted in manual work and time-consuming tasks, such as searching for information and informing customers.

"In the past, I had to create Excel files myself and manually copy, paste, and track shipments to keep an overview," explains Inge. "This process took almost an hour per day, which was quite time-intensive."

With the introduction of Shypple, everything changed for Inge. Shypple provides an automated platform where she can track all shipments, manage documentation, and receive real-time updates. Inge is particularly pleased that she can check the status of a shipment and identify missing documentation with just one click. This has enabled her to work faster and more efficiently.

"Previously, it took me about an hour a day to track everything. Did I receive the right feedback, did I get a response, is all the information correct, is there any delay... Now with Shypple, I just check for about 15 minutes in the morning and potentially during the day if there's something urgent. Afterwards, I can immediately focus on other important tasks like strategic analyses or handling unexpected issues."

In addition to time savings, Inge also appreciates the excellent service she receives from Shypple. She is particularly impressed with the speed at which her questions and requests are handled. "The service from Shypple is just very fast. It's really a pleasant way of collaborating, both through the chat on the platform or with a quick phone call. Jan de Wachter and Valerie Castelain are always available and willing to help. If necessary, Jan quickly finds answers from other colleagues. It's the complete package: speed, accurate information, and proactive thinking."

Thanks to Shypple, All Sport Group has optimized their logistics processes and achieved significant time savings. Inge concludes,"It's simply a matter of saving time. I can do my work more efficiently and focus on the important projects and analyses. With Shypple, I have more control and can act quickly and accurately. It has become a valuable partner for us."

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