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How Freeland saves two days a week on their reefer transport operations

April 4, 2024
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Jordi van den Bosch, 29 years old, serves as the Managing Director of Freeland Vegetables and Outdoor Organics, a family-owned import-export business specializing in both conventional and organic outdoor vegetables. Founded in 1998 by Jordi's father, Kees, the company prides itself on its unique approach: direct sourcing from farmers and packers to customers, ensuring freshness and quality without additional handling.

Driven by a vision to empower growers and reduce dependency on auctions, Freeland Outdoor Vegetables looked for a comprehensive logistics solution. In 2021, they partnered with Milestone Fresh (which was later acquired by Shypple that same year), a decision born out of the necessity for streamlined customs clearance, paperwork management, and incoming shipment handling.

Traditionally, Freeland Outdoor Vegetables faced challenges with passive and reactive customs agents, resulting in delays and inefficiencies. Shypple, however, offered a proactive approach, providing clarity on shipments well in advance. This shift from a sluggish process to proactive communication significantly enhanced operational efficiency.

"The reliability of the services is just very accurate. We know exactly where we stand, we know when containers come in, we know when they will be picked up, and we know which carrier and what time they will get to our partners. That's the most important thing!"

Clear and direct communication, in every way

Clear and consistent communication emerged as a cornerstone of Freeland Outdoor Vegetables' experience with Shypple. From container arrival notifications to detailed delivery schedules, the transparency facilitated smooth operations. Together with the personal touch, this illustrated Shypple's dedication to going the extra mile.

"Communication is perfect, whether by phone, email, or chat. Shypple is always easily accessible."

Using tech for in-depth insights throughout the process

Moreover, Shypple's platform reliability and accuracy brought peace of mind to Freeland Outdoor Vegetables. With precise information on container arrivals, customs clearance, and delivery schedules, the company gained invaluable visibility into its cold supply chain. With this reliable delivery information, Freeland Outdoor Vegetables strengthened relationships with its partners, fostering trust and predictability. Additionally, consolidating invoicing and streamlining import processes saved time and resources, demonstrating the efficiency of Shypple's approach.

"Partnering with Shypple ensures that we don't have to hire someone for two days a week during the import season."

Overall, Shypple not only optimized logistics processes but also alleviated administrative burdens, enabling Freeland Outdoor Vegetables to focus on core business activities. Jordi van den Bosch enthusiastically recommends Shypple to other businesses, highlighting its practicality, user-friendliness, and unparalleled support, which have translated into tangible time and cost savings for his company. With Shypple, Freeland Outdoor Vegetables has embraced a new era of efficiency and reliability in reefer logistics management.

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