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How Life Supplies gains daily visibility into hundreds of inbound shipments

September 27, 2023
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After taking on the role of Supply Chain Manager at Life Supplies in October 2022, Misja Tessens was immediately faced with the challenge of streamlining the company's complex logistics processes. With his extensive background and experience in the logistics sector, Misja was well acquainted with the field. He had worked with various companies, ranging from customs brokerage to 3PL and 4PL. These diverse experiences had prepared him well for the challenges he would encounter at Life Supplies.

As a prominent distributor in the food and animal feed market in the Benelux and Western Europe, Life Supplies had established strong relationships with key global suppliers and customers over the years. An efficient supply chain is vital for the success of Life Supplies, which handles both domestic and international shipments, including a significant number of transports from China. Misja realized that he needed to act quickly and effectively to streamline and optimize the logistics processes. 

One of Misja's main challenges at Life Supplies was aligning the different teams within the company. With his extensive experience in various logistics roles and a strong focus on quality, Misja understood the importance of team coordination, reducing human errors, and saving valuable time.

The right partner for Life Supplies

A big issue that Misja faced was the lack of visibility into shipments before they reached Europe. Manually updating tracking information for more than 100 shipments per day was inefficient and often led to misunderstandings and incorrect arrival dates. Misja realized that a better solution was needed to address these problems.

During his search for a suitable partner, Misja discovered Shypple. Shypple offered OneView, which allowed teams within Life Supplies to view real-time tracking data of all their shipments, not just those handled by Shypple. This integration promised improved team alignment, reduced human errors, and time savings.

"We spent more time on tracking than expected. We had to search for a URL to track, paste it into our operational system, and then receive an update. Everyone had to click on a link multiple times to check the shipment status. Searching, copying, and pasting links was truly time-consuming and inefficient. It took us an average of 4 to 8 hours per week."

After thorough comparison with other options, Shypple stood out to Misja. Not only because they understood the processes of Life Supplies, but also because they were a young and dynamic company that perfectly matched the company culture and values. The choice for Shypple was quickly made.

"We quickly discovered that Shypple resonated with the same values as Life Supplies. We are always assisted immediately, and proactive thinking is part of their approach."

All shipments, One View, complete control

Thanks to Shypple and OneView, Misja can significantly improve the visibility of the supply chain. Manually updating tracking information is a thing of the past, as Shypple automatically gathers the correct data. This results in fewer discussions and misunderstandings, as the purchasing teams are always aware of the most up-to-date information. Misja's various teams no longer have to spend hours manually updating tracking information. This allows them to allocate their time more efficiently to more valuable tasks, increasing overall productivity.

"Previously, we had to track the ETAs of more than 100 shipments daily. Now, with automatic tracking, we upload shipments, click 'Start tracking,' and we immediately receive ETAs. This saves us a lot of time and provides a comfortable feeling. We no longer have to lag behind and perform inefficient work."

Furthermore, Shypple significantly reduces the margin of error in tracking shipments. Misja now has real-time access to tracking information for all their shipments, keeping him always up-to-date and avoiding the use of incorrect arrival dates. This results in more reliable communication with customers and fewer internal discussions about shipment status.

Shypple as a game-changer

Misja is highly satisfied with the choice of Shypple. The platform has not only improved team alignment and reduced human errors but also facilitated better communication. Misja concludes:

"Shypple has helped us optimize our supply chain and had a positive impact on our business. We have better control over our shipments and can provide our customers with better service."

Thanks to Shypple, Misja Tessens of Life Supplies has successfully addressed the challenges in the supply chain. With Shypple's advanced solutions, particularly OneView, Misja has achieved team alignment, reduced human errors, and saved valuable time. When asked about the biggest difference for his team, Misja takes a moment to think. He responds with a chuckle and a wink: "Without the continuous checking of all websites, we save so much time. Now, people can go home on time."

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